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Send professional quality, personal video
e-greeting cards – without the work.

iVideo Greetings gives you over 100 awesome video themes, something for every occasion and sentiment. Just add your own video message and you’re ready to send your professional quality, themed iVideo
Greeting – in just seconds!

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The Gift-Giving Revolution


Send a greeting followed by an ApplePay Cash Person to Person payment, and say “Never Again” to bad gifts! Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of sending a gift with a personal eGreeting card through iMessage (U.S only).
Now on iMessage


iVideo Greetings for iMessage is now available! Create, send and receive iVideo Greetings with texts on iOS 10 and up.
Greetings for Every Occasion


Use iVideo Greetings any time, whenever you want to send that special greeting: Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Weddings, Engagements, or to say Thanks, I Love You, Get Well, Cheer Up and countless other occasions.
High Quality Themes


You’ll love our original themed iVideo Greetings. Each one has been produced by talented video designers and animators. They integrate seamlessly with your own video, bring your message to life, making it special and unique.
Convenient Gift-Giving


No more going to the store, staring endlessly at the greeting card rack, searching to find just the right card. No more paper, postage stamps or physical mail. No more delivery delays.
iVideo Greetings Is Now Available for Your App!


Enhance your brand by enabling the iVideo Greetings SDK in your app. Your users will enjoy a great new quality gifting experience, and your e-payments and e-gift card sales will skyrocket!
iVideo Greetings now available in your app with the iVideo Greetings SDK

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